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Elevate your digital engagement
and step into the future of personalization and loyalty

The ultimate client engagement solution powered by blockchain technology

What we do

We enable fashion luxury brands to enrich their clienteling and CRM initiatives with unique personalized touchpoints unlocking exclusive experiences accessible only through GFTs.

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Great Fashion Tokens

The new digital collectibles

GFTs or Great Fashion Tokens are the new generation of digital collectible assets supported by the blockchain technology, serving as keys to unlock new levels of loyalty and brand experiences.‍


Enhance your client journeys and reward the most engaged customers with bespoke rewards signifying elite status.

Clos3t Wallet

A portal 100% integrable into

all your client-facing platforms

Provide your clients with a wallet tailor-made for fashion and luxury, to receive, store and share their fashion digital collectibles in an instant.


The portability of our wallet solution make it accessible directly from your existing platform (e-commerce website, web-app, client app,…) and can take many forms to best fit your strategy : your own mobile app, wallet API, or Clos3t Wallet app.

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A new CRM layer

Access unique customer insights

and enrich client 360 profile

Enhance your client knowledge by incorporating additional customers information into your current CRM system.


Track customers touchpoints in time and space and observe client behaviours through their digital assets collection. Monitor the performance of your collectibles campaigns through a Salesforce all-in-one dashboard.

The Clos3t Suite

The Wallet API

Give your clients easy access to

their collectibles from your website

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